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Noddy & Sweets

About Us

Well, Noddy & Sweets have come along way, literally! They are two wonderful dogs rescued from the streets of Thailand.

A temple actually (Wat Puttamonthon) on the outskirts of Bangkok. 

Back in 2011 Thailand was overcome with floods and so were the temple grounds where Noddy & Sweets lived.  
They were rescued with the help of Soi Dog Foundation and after months of care were flown to us here in the UK.

They are so inspirational to us that we decided to make some special collars just for them. Collars that suit & fit them properly.
We also donate our collars to help with fund raising for charities and shelters both here in the UK & abroad.

With this in mind, we thought it'd be good to make collars so that everyone could show their "best friend"  just how much they appreciate them.
We make custom made collars for anyone who wants that something different, so just contact us to let us know your ideas and measurements. All our collars are hand made to order, so each one is carefully made paying attention to detail & quality. We don't stack 'em high and sell 'em cheap and never will for many reasons.
We hope you see something that your dog will wear and fill you with pride, all the while knowing that you and they are helping their less fortunate friends.

"Noddy and Sweet Pea's Story."

I first became aware of their predicament during the floods of Thailand in 2011. Watching the tragic flooding unfold on the TV and internet, brought me from human tragedy and suffering to that of animal suffering too.

Using the internet I saw stories of people trying to help the animals during the floods and how it seemed an almost impossible task to rescue them all. It was very upsetting to see these helpless animals struggle for survival as the flood destroyed everything in its path.

Noddy & Sweet Pea were amongst the lucky ones to have been rescued, but there were and still are tens of thousands that are not so fortunate. 

They were stranded on the crest of a bridge as this was the only available safe place during the floods for them to survive. They were put there by a woman and her helpers who work in the Temple grounds of Wat Puttamonthon (Bangkok). Within the Temple grounds is an area known as "Dog Island" where many stray dogs are given food and shelter.

Both Noddy & Sweet Pea were infected with blood parasites, suffering from malnutrition while Sweet Pea also required intensive care treatment in an oxygen tent for 2 weeks. Nobody knew if she would survive such was her condition.

Happily they both made a miraculous recovery thanks to the team at Soi Dog Foundation and their volunteers who went above and beyond to rescue as many animals as possible. The work that they do is nothing short of miraculous for the neglected dogs and cats of Thailand. Please take a moment to see the work they do and if you can possibly make a donation. 

The plight of the dogs didn't stop there, as we then became aware of the illegal dog meat trade which still continues despite official and charitable organisations attempts to have this barbaric trade put to an end. Although Noddy & Sweet Pea were not rescued from the dog meat trade there are many thousands of dogs that are captured from the streets or are stolen pets which are transported in inhumane conditions to meet a gruesome end.

Those that are rescued from this illegal trade need caring for and where possible need to be adopted like Noddy & Sweet Pea. To live happy fulfilling and deserved lives of respect.

I couldn't imagine life without them now. They have taught me to be more forgiving, compassionate and tolerant of all things and above all to live in the "now" and not dwell on the past. Where they came from was terrible, but where they are now is wonderful.

Life can be truly wonderful and rewarding when you just stop thinking about your own needs and wants and instead help those who are otherwise unable to help themselves.

Thanks to Pa Lern (Dog Island Caretaker), Bitter Brownie, John & Gill Dalley (Soi Dog Foundation), Cindy & Derek Amey (, Thai Royal Navy and many many more volunteers.

Kookie & Jason xx


"Jesse's Story"

Jesse, previously named Mui shortened name from Koh Samui a small island off the coast of Thailand, spent the first 5 months of his life, scrounging for food and trying to survive in a small Thai community, on this small island. Although for tourists this is a beautiful holiday destination, Jesse had to learn to live alone, avoid irritating the locals, find food where ever he could and try to find water in the extreme heat.

One evening while Jesse was struggling to find food and eating something rotten from a plastic bag, 2 British ladies scooped him up and took him home to their Thai wooden house. He was extremely frail, full of ticks and fleas, hungry and sick. He was a bag of bones and very shy. He had cuts and grazes and his fur was thin in many areas. After some TLC, a visit to the vets, many tablets and lots of yummy food, Jesse began to improve and play with the other dogs around his new home. 

Unfortunately, this didn’t last long. Jesse contracted a nasty cough and after 2 days of coughing, stopped playing and ate very little. His guardians become extremely worried and carried him on their moped to the vet again. They were told he has distemper and pneumonia and although he was prescribed tablets, to not expect him to live more than 7 days. After the devastating news, the two ladies decided not to give up on Jesse and stayed by his side for almost 2 months, feeding him special food and bathing him twice a day with a special shampoo to help his fur grow back. To their amazement, after 7 days, he started barking again and playing with the other dogs and was eating his bowl of food faster than the others! 

The decision was made to bring Jesse to the UK, along with two other puppies that they had nursed from birth, they wanted to find them all a loving home with a family who understood their story, someone who would love them and look after them. And here is Jesse, with a brilliant white coat, healthy eyes and gums and a great big smile. He is one lucky boy!"


Thanks to Camilla & her mother. Ana Cossart Hall and Carly Jane Evans.